About US

We have often wondered as to what keeps us moving forward. Is it the customers? Is it strategy? Is it technology? Is it the approach? Is it the spirit? Or is it the people? Or best practices?

In fact, it is all of them in the right proportion that drives us ahead. But, the glue that binds us is a shared sense of purpose. A common belief in adding value to the knowledge base of society. A belief that finds expression in everything that we do. Day in. Day out.


  • Connect ideas, create value and conserve resources to ensure a sustainable quality of life for future generations.


  • Innovation in integration of new ideas and technologies across varied domains enhance the quality of solutions which enable conservation of our natural resources.


  • Create value through innovative solutions and integration of complementary technologies in the areas of electrical engineering, communication and computing.

Core Values

  • Passion for excellence, Respect for people, Teamwork, Commitment to community and Nature friendly.