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Code of Business Conduct

The matters covered in this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics are of utmost importance to the Company, its stockholders, business partners and are essential to the Company’s ability to conduct its business in accordance with its stated values. We expect all of our senior management staff to strictly adhere to these rules in carrying out their duties. They should prompting report of any violations of the Code of Ethics to the Board of Directors or any person/committee designated for this purpose.

The Professional and ethical conduct of the Board of directors and senior level management is a strict code of ethics, comprising of performance of duties with honesty and integrity, disclosure of performance in a fair and accurate manner without exerting undue influence,creating healthy and productive environment, ensuring safety at work place, maintaining strict confidentiality of information in the course of employment and providing a professional, motivating work environment free of any type of discrimination and harrasement. The officials will also exercise proper discretion in use of company's assets and resources in a judicious manner and under proper authority.

Statutory Compliance

The Company and its senior employees interact with appropriate government agencies and file all regulatory information, documents well in time as per the corporate disclosure norms.

Any sale/purchase or acquisition of shares and securities by all directors/officers/designated employees shall not be allowed during a period of seven exclusive days before and conclude two exclusive days after each of the following corporate actions

Declaration of financial results (quarterly, half yearly and annually), declaration of dividends (interim and final), issues of securities by way of public/rights/bonus etc.., any major expansion plans or execution of new projects, amalgamation, mergers, takeovers and buyback, disposal of whole or substantially the whole of the undertaking, any changes in policies, plans or operations of the company.

Maintaining and Managing Records

Company maintains records in a systematic and efficient manner in compliance with all local laws, rules and regulations and furnishes these to the concerned authorities on demand.

Accounting Practices

The company’s responsibilities to its shareholders and the investing public require that all transactions be fully and accurately recorded/accounted in the Company’s books and records in compliance with all applicable laws. All required information shall be accessible to the company’s auditors and other authorized persons, agencies. The senior management are responsible for ensuring that there shall be no willful omissions of any company transactions from the books and records, no undue income recognition or no hidden bank accounts/funds.

Customer Relations

All employees are required to act in a manner that creates value for the Company, help build a relationship based on trust and goodwill thus enabling the Company to capitalize on customer relationship to nurture its growth.